AI Going Mainstream

There seems to be a rush that’s never been seen before. The rush to adopt latest technologies, rush to transform businesses, rush to gain competitive edge, rush to be visible. This rush is making business leaders demanding more than ever and keeping IT leaders up at night, thinking, what next? This rush is making and breaking careers, and the pace at which Technology is emerging, it can get really difficult to match its speed.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such area. There’s so much already written on it and everyone is eager to be a part of it. Big Tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc took lead, followed by some startups who have successfully created solutions using AI. Having said that, others are also curious now and their curiosity is making them add an extra few lines in their budget for AI, while some mid and small sized companies have already deployed solutions in an attempt to automate their key business processes. It’s typical to adopting any new Technology. Some take lead, while others observe and then follow.

AI is not a solution, it’s a technology. Solutions are the use cases and they can be drastically different from one company to another, from one environment to another, even though they may end up using the same AI technology at the backend.

For example: One organization is using Face Recognition for physical access management into their facilities, and another is using for pro-active security management through the CCTV feeds.Another company has successfully completed the Proof of Concept (PoC) of a Virtual Call Agent to join their customer service team and also help provide step by step guidance to field engineers for complex troubleshooting. The solution combines multiple services to seamlessly complete a transaction.

At first AI seems complex, but exciting the same time. The real question is, where to begin and how? This is where Cloud based AI services offered by Microsoft, AWS and Google are making adoption much simpler. They lower the initial investment and provide a quick start for developers to start playing with the technology. Now to answer the ‘how’, to effectively deliver AI based solutions, IT teams need to get into the habit of experimenting, and business stakeholders needs to support this initiative. It’s highly unlikely that you will achieve everything as per the plan. You will need to keep trying different options to first build the solution, and then to optimize it for acceptable performance and quality.

We at Dexter Technologies work closely with our clients to understand their needs and then collaborate and offer the right skills to deliver innovative solutions. It’s exciting to work together, brainstorm, and create something unique. AI allows our Tech friends to be creative and like Albert Einstein said, “creativity is intelligence having fun”.