Our goal is the relentless pursuit of positively impacting the future of the clients we serve and the future of the candidates we place.

For over a decade, Dexter Technologies has put countless professionals to work at exciting opportunities. We are proud of the fact that many of them have been promoted to more senior roles, management, senior management and senior executive leadership roles.

Yet, today, we continue to find a better way.

Given today’s highly competitive global business environment, digital transformation and frequent technology disruptions, it has become crucial for business organizations to put together their project team’s on-demand.

Utilizing contingent IT professionals is a proven, efficient and cost-effective strategy that enables organizations to achieve higher performance.

Finding the right resources is crucial to providing our clients with the competitive edge and helping them achieve higher success.

Dexter Technologies has a proven track record of providing specialty staff augmentation services to leading global and national corporations across the United States.

  • We believe that knowledge is power. We invest our time in understanding the specific needs of our clients, and accordingly research, qualify and match the skills to meet those needs.

  • Our hands-on experience in the Information Technology industry enables us to have a deeper understanding of our client's objectives, and accordingly provide most qualified resources to meet their business demands.

Staffing Services

Contract Staffing

– Utilizing contingent IT professionals is a proven, efficient and cost-effective strategy that enables organizations to scale their teams on demand and achieve higher performance. Dexter Technologies team of dedicated professionals can help you find the ideal candidate quickly. By utilizing our deep industry experience, our extensive database, a vast network built over decades and  comprehensive marketing tools, we help organizations of all size, scale quickly.

Contract to Hire

– Contract to hire provides compelling benefits to the hiring managers by being able to evaluate a candidates skills in real-time, as well as their work ethics.  How well they fit within the team and complement the organizational culture. We help you with a simple contract to hire transition process to meet your timelines and business objectives.

Direct Hire

– It is our goal to find the best possible candidates and a positive outcome for our clients and for the candidates on every position we work on. By utilizing our expertise, we match the ideal candidates to the opportunity. This promotes a Win-Win for our clients and for their new hire, promoting long-term mutually beneficial partnership.

Our Approach:
Advanced Resource Planning & Management Solutions


We realized early on that staffing is not just about placing people, but matching professionals with the right skills that add value to our client’s business, and growth opportunities for their hires. To achieve this, we’ve implemented the following:

  • We built our operating model based on a mutual collaboration with our clients. We listen, suggest, agree, identify and position candidates based on the primary and secondary skill sets. This model is based on Advanced Resource Planning & Management Solutions.

  • We have SMEs on-board who have actual hands-on experience and we conduct multi-level screening before presenting candidates to our clients.

  • We go thru an extensive qualification process prior to presenting candidates to our clients. Our qualification process consists of a 3 step approach:

    • Knowledge - Candidate’s education and experience with the respective Products and Services, Industry knowledge.
    • Expertise - how the candidate presents themselves, their company, their solutions, their best practices and their value preposition.
    • Commitment - Motivation, Creativity, Leadership, Stability, Team player and their desire to be successful.


This approach has been highly effective for our clients and for our candidates, and the end result is reduced time and efforts by the hiring managers & HR teams.

Our services help customers scale quickly, reduce downtime, increase productivity and provide the time to market advantages, promoting higher growth and profitability.

We understand, every client’s requirements are unique and we customize our staff augmentation solutions to meet our client’s specific needs.

To discuss your staffing requirements, please contact us at (973) 532-0223 or email us at

Recruiting Process Management


Dexter Technologies can manage all or part of the on-boarding process for our clients, including background check, drug screen and reporting.

Dexter Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We have a policy to ensure fair and equal treatment in referring qualified candidates without regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual preference, age, physical or mental disability, or veteran status (including disabled veterans of the Vietnam era). Therefore applicants will be referred solely on the basis of individual merit and achievement. We encourage and work in full compliance with the Equal Opportunity policy.