Digital Transformation: Change Leaders

The need to transform businesses through technology has been a top demand from IT.  Some lead, while others followed. It is unstoppable and often a reason to win and lose customers.

Digital Transformation (DX) is an integration of Technology with Business to solve business problems, make business processes more efficient, scalable and impact the bottom line. Organizations are constantly looking for Digital Transformation Leaders who are skilled at utilizing technology platforms from the users’ perspective.

While assisting several Business and IT leaders, we analyzed and identified their key expectations from Digital Transformation Leaders:

  • Digital Leaders have a deep understanding of the business and help simply business processes by not just enabling them through technology but also assisting in optimizing them where possible.
  • The DX Leaders wear multiple hats – Technical, Business and Change Management.
  • They speak the business language so it is easy to collaborate with business users and allow them to understand and express.
  • Allow business requirements to lead technical decisions and not the other way.
  • Inherently creative, innovative and ready to experiment.
  • They are strategist with good program management skill and financial acumen.
  • Prioritize simplicity and ease of use and follow the rule that ‘a solution is only as good as its adoption’.
  • Actively test emerging technologies and identify areas where they can be adopted for improved experience.

A successful transformation occurs when it’s supported from the top, is an active topic in board meetings and is looked at in entirety.

With over 2 decades of experience in the IT industry, Dexter Technologies have closely witnessed the changing trends and supported our client’s find Digital Leaders who have helped their organizations transform and accelerate growth.  We act not only as a gateway but as trusted partner of our clients.